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After all criticisms in the offset period, they point to the Pony Defensive Team, their front line seven lineup has already changed. In addition to Wayne, the Pony has got a talented young line of Nako-Moore through the deal, signed the old Cole and KenDall Langford, Two excellent defensive front line players, Henry Anderson and David Parry were selected in the draft.

German is called "Patriot Two Team", coach, teaching assistant, players have a background in patriotic effectiveness, two quadrants are more Braddy, just Malet and Hoyer two It's far away from Braddy. Malet 4 (3 first) 720 yards 3 Dharma, but each game was copied, the pass attempt was only 5 yards. In addition to connecting the Andreo Johnson, De Andre, Hopkins (31, 409 yards, 31), 22 times a goal last week as a pass target), only two of the two members Schönz, Washington (this lack) each contributes 200 yards. The ground offense in the situation of Arian-Foster just returned (8 rushed 10 yards), Bru-Port-Gremus's three-person rankings are not surprising, and Furns It will undoubtedly bear the main holding work, I hope he can retrieve the state of two degrees won the ball. Also in the previous round, there is also a full-time left cut Duan-Brown, his return to the team offensive front line to find the sea.

In November last season, Davis received surgery due to groin injury, and reimbursed season. I recently confirmed that the injury was completely recovered. Although most free players have to wait until March & mdash; & mdash; the new alliance begins to sign a contract, but Davis is dismissed before the end of the 2017 season, so he can sign a contract with the new team early. .

This is a worthy of the team for a defensive group. Wayne is an excellent running guardian. In the past two playoffs, this is a kind of player who is a kind of player who is needed by the young horse after the new England patriot shock.

Fletter performance is excellent in the outside, lends lightning second-line defensive recovery and becomes a defensive group advantage. In the first two weeks before the season, Jeremy Maclin and Allen Robinson, Robinson (Allen Robinson) were sent to join the two. Just completed the 80 yards.

However, lightning is also good news. This year, Joey Bosa has participated in the training on Wednesday. The coach Mike Mike McCoy said that Bosa is expected to complete his career first show in the game against the Auckland raid.

Today, there is another problem, according to wholesale Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, although the strikerkleich - Osmalley (Klechi Osele) did not bring the team to Los Angeles to participate in the game of lightning However, the raids did not change his state cheap nfl jerseys from china "Questionable" (Questionable) to "unable to play" (OUT), which violated the Alliance's injury report regulations will be fined $ 20,000.

After selecting the four-point gaeston-Winson (Jameis Winston), the team decided to continue to build a team as the core. In Winson's rookie season, Côte d'Ivoire helped him, the latter had the ability to stimulate the potential of each player of the pirate offensive group. Kotter, 56 years old, was held at the University of Arizona, and then served as an offensive coordinator at Atlantian Funding Eagles and Jacksonville America.

Davis was selected in the 2014, the 20th season, but also used the injury in the past two years. Bill, 2017, 2017, Tre & RSQUO; Davious White, has been locked a first position, but his partner is still not clear.

Since the Joint Alliance in the 2012 season, Rack has obvious progress every year. However, this year, I. Brake's downturn played a bit unbeatable, mistakes, the last, and the previous game is avoided. After two weeks, although it is still unable to participate in all training, the prediction will debut. The lake is just injured. It is temporarily downtown, or has encountered a career to develop bottlenecks, and the opponent's Texas is a very good test.

The raid person was fined $ 20,000 due to the violation of alliance injury reports.
Beijing October 19th, the raid, the progress of the raids in 2018 is not as expected, and the coach Jon Gruden, Jon Gruden, is only a team of 1-5, at the bottom of the Melanie District.

The last German defensive group was slaughtered by the Falcon, the first three sections lost 42 points. It seems to be in the "tough-cultural camp cursive" (referring to the team who participated in the HBO "Hard Training Camp" program declined in that season). Even the killing of the god of the Buddha will kill the Buddha's JJ. Watt also could not take it as a past. Although Watt still had 4 times in the case of focus, there is no decent support, just two crickets, last year's champion, Jiedevie, Claie, has not yet opened. Old partner Inner line Weibo-Kuxin and corner Karim-Jackson, Jonathan-Joseph and others maintain a stable play, the first round of Showagi Kaiwen-Johnson did not have too big vulnerabilities as a rookie. Taking advantage of today's small horses, Texas has hope to challenge the head name, and the direct conversation between two and pony will be critical. Can Defensive Groups take out close or even copy the second week jet (cause pony 5 times The play will be critical.